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Access Coordinator and Disability Consultancy

An Access Coordinator is there to ensure access requirements are met, fulfilled, and maintained. My core principal is that if everybody involved in a production has the tools and support they deserve in order to flourish, then then the final project will be the best it can be.

I facilitate access for any disabled performers, crew members, creatives, audience members, and even characters themselves - throughout any and every stage of a project.  

An ID badge on a lanyard that says 'Leah Rachel Access Coordinator'. The photo is black and white.
Leah Rachel smiling at the camera. Her curly hair falls around her shoulders, and she has a big smile. The photo is in black and white.

25% of the UK population is disabled, and with an estimated 70-80% of those being invisible, you never know when a member of your cast or crew has a disability.

I am here to answer the questions that you may not realise even needed asking. To think of how to support disabilities within your project, so you don't have to. I help you make your production disability-friendly. This means not only meeting the bare-minimum for people to have access; but creating a safe, prosperous, and inclusive environment for as many people as possible.

If you have any upcoming or ongoing projects, I hope you will now think of me – so I can think about disability for you.

A microphone leaning against some song lyrics in braille. The photo is black and white.

Fully insured with First Act/Hiscox Insurance | DBS Certificate holder.

Equity UK Member | Writers Guild of Great Britain Member

For Access Coordination services please contact my agents Julie Fernandez and Sara Johnson at Casarotto: | | +44 (0)20 7287 4450 

References and Feedback:

International Commercial/Short Film for a large brand:

"Leah is a fantastic Access Coordinator who really understood the needs of the talent involved and the type of production we were working on. Not only is she an extremely professional and friendly individual, but she was able to jump onto the project at short notice with ease. We hope to work with her again on future projects without hesitation - a wonderful working experience all round"

Phoebe Somper


Doc Hearts Productions

"Leah Rachel's performance as an Access Coordinator has been exemplary, demonstrating exceptional organisational skills, attention to detail, and a strong commitment to facilitating smooth processes. Her proactive approach and effective communication have significantly contributed to the success of our project"

Aletha Shepherd


Doc Hearts Productions

West End/National Tour: 2:22 A Ghost Story

"Your report was insightful and detailed, bringing to light many things that had not yet occurred to us, and highlighting where things were already in place and working, and where small adjustments to the production and/or customer experience.


Throughout the report there were many great suggestions about ways the production could be enhanced to make it more accessible without the need to do specific 'access performances', many of which were specific to 2:22 A Ghost Story, and the intricacies of doing a ghost story. 

It has been great working with you on this, and a really insightful introduction on how we might be able to work closely together in the future, especially where we have new productions coming up where it might be possible to start these conversations from the get-go"

James Mullan

General Manager

Runaway Entertainment

Stage Play: Hurricane Protest Songs by Graeae Theatre Company and RADA

"Hi Leah. Many thanks for your brilliant feedback for us yesterday. You were so clear and helpful and totally understood the aesthetics. We worked back last night to make more changes for clarity and we hope you will approve"

Jodi Alissa Bickerton

Creative Learning Director

Graeae Theatre Company

Following an Access Tour and Accessibility Feedback for a long-running broadway show

"Hi Leah. Thank you so much for the re-cap. It is incredibly helpful, especially your feedback about our audio descriptive service. I'll share the below with the rest of our team, and discuss ways to move forward, and I'm sure I will be in touch again soon!"

Marketing Manager

Long-Running Broadway Show

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